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What Others Are Saying

"It brings me great joy to express that my expectations have been completely met.

The cover art, designed by their diligent team, was outstanding, and the book's layout perfectly matched the vision I had in mind."
"I am extremely satisfied with my book, owing to the exceptional contributions of the artwork and editing teams at 20/20 Literary Group.

I cannot praise them enough and would highly recommend them."

Exceptional Talent Advocacy

"I am incredibly grateful for this literary agency's tireless efforts in advocating for my work. Their industry connections and persuasive skills were instrumental in finding the perfect publishing deal for my book. The team is supportive, passionate, and extraordinarily effective. If you're a writer looking for the right representation, look no further."

Literary Maestros!

"This literary agency has exceeded all my expectations. Their commitment to my success was evident in every interaction. I am eternally thankful and couldn't recommend them enough."

A Beacon of Hope for New Authors

"As a new author, navigating the publishing world can be daunting. This literary agency, however, has made the journey smooth and rewarding. They believed in my potential and guided me every step of the way. Their constructive feedback improved my manuscript significantly, and their negotiation skills secured a fantastic deal with a top-tier publisher. I'm thrilled with the outcome and can't thank them enough for their support and dedication."

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'Stepping Stones for the Heart: An Awakening with Jesus' by Ann Paulson is now featured at Midtown Fidelity in Times Square!
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