Marketing Services​

Online Media

Online marketing has become a pervasive way for individuals to connect and stay abreast of news about the people, causes, and topics they care about most, including recommendations for new books. With their massive user populations, social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram can do a lot for your book marketing strategy, from helping to increase exposure and book discovery to driving traffic to your website.

Launch your online media campaign now. To help you find readers, 20/20 Literary Group will promote your book to people on various social media platforms who are likely to be interested in your book’s genre or theme.


Making a video trailer for your book is one of the best marketing strategies. Our professional voice-over talent will be responsible for the video's narration. It sounds wonderful, correct? In addition, we may add great designs and visual elements to enhance its aesthetic appeal. To increase visibility, we will release the personalized book video on YouTube.

If you are interested in advertising prospects, you may utilize our YouTube marketing services. You don't have to worry about paying in bulk since you can choose from various monthly membership packages that are reasonably priced and meet your needs!

Web Services

Expert web design to maximize your book's potential.

Movie Treatment and Screenplay

To be taken seriously by renowned entertainment executives, your work needs one more thing besides the thrilling storyline, well-developed characters, and new content that Hollywood desires. You’ll need a treatment and a screenplay.

Other Online Services

Suppose you need help reaching out to publishers and readers about your book. In that case, we offer services that address your concerns and needs.

Must Have Services

Thinking of the finest strategies to make your book stand out from the rest takes time and effort. If so, you're lucky because we provide services that make you the one-of-a-kind book you want.

Professional Book Reviews

Get expert reviews of your book to enhance your credentials as an author. Learn from the perspective of a book reviewer and identify what you can do to improve your next book. We guarantee that all reviews are objective for your satisfaction.

Radio Interviews

Do you need to increase the exposure and publicity of your book? If so, why not participate in a radio interview with Kate Delaney, Ric Bratton, and Al Cole?


Use our publicity services to announce the release of a new book or the reissue of an old one. To get bloggers, book reviewers, libraries, and bookshops interested in your book, we will draft your chosen publicity package and distribute it to our press and media partners. This method will increase attendance at your book signings and publicity for your books!

Book Exhibit

We exhibit your book at book fairs worldwide, exposing it to thousands of potential readers, libraries, and publishers. Combine a press release with your book launch to maximize publicity.

Print Ads

Isn’t it great that your book has been highlighted on one of the world’s most popular and well-respected publishing news websites?

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