Our Literary Agents​

Literary agents represent the commercial interests of authors and their written works. Agents serve as business-minded intermediaries between creatives and book publishing firms, film producers, and theater producers. 

Literary agents deal with both new and established authors. 

As a literary agency, we will not request an upfront fee for the representation of an author’s works. The literary agent will receive their earnings once they successfully land a contract. Literary agents are typically compensated between 15 and 20% of the sales they negotiate on behalf of the author they represent. 

If you have encountered one of our literary agents asking for an upfront agent service fee, we’ll be investigating the said case. Should it be proven, the literary agent will be subject to dismissal.

Zach Kenner

Zach Kenner got his start at 20/20 Literary Group as an intern in 2017, and he has been with the agency ever since. He worked his way up through all the departments and is now a literary agent, representing a diverse group of authors and illustrators. His focus is on illustrated projects for young readers, including board books, picture books, chapter books, and middle grade, as well as adult non-fiction memoirs, mystery/suspense novels, and spiritual, Christian, and inspirational books.

Christian Johnson

Christian Johnson is a full-service literary agent at 20/20 Literary Group, which has been representing authors and their books with dedication since 2012. Christian’s focus is on securing deals with traditional publishers, and he prioritizes the needs of his clients, working tirelessly to ensure their success. With extensive experience in the industry, Christian offers editorial consultation, marketing support, and expert contract negotiation to help authors achieve their publishing goals. Christian is committed to providing exceptional service to his clients and ensuring that their voices are heard in the literary world.

Toni Cruz

Toni Cruz is a literary agent who values her clients’ needs and is committed to their success. With a strong interest in the business side of publishing, Toni has a reputation for closing high-profile deals. She is dedicated to representing manuscripts that she believes in and works diligently to develop projects for traditional publishing and TV and film acquisition.

Larry Shore

Larry Shore started working in the publishing industry in 2015 and is dedicated to supporting the work of talented authors. He has a strong passion for literature and is an expert at representing both fiction and non-fiction books. Larry ensures a smooth workflow and a long-term good experience with the authors and publishers. Always focusing on his client’s needs and maintaining professionalism through the publishing process. He has now been recognized for multiple awards in 20/20 for his consistently successful projects.

Rizza Taylor

Rizza Taylor started her journey in the literary world in 2018. She had made an arduous decision before entering the publishing industry. She found the job interesting and challenging at first, which made her embrace the art of literary work and show passion as an agent. She has represented books for practical non-fiction about parenting, health, self-help, and fiction, like children’s books. In addition, Rizza is also working on books that guide the roles of women in business. She managed to work with clients who had different perspectives, wanted to spread awareness, and had thoughts about self-improvement. Had provided good negotiation skills, built trust for long-term goals to get better results, and the gift of patience to achieve fulfillment. Rizza always ensures partnership, hard work, and a positive mindset towards success.

Jay Thompson

Jay Thompson started as a publishing consultant in 2016 and worked his way up to become an organizational literary agent in 2020. In recognition of his dedication and hard work in the publishing industry, he was promoted to Executive Book and Film Literary Agent just two years later. Jay has experience working with independent authors and various film and publishing companies, helping to bring books to mainstream publishers and film adaptations. He specializes in representing non-fiction genres like memoirs and historical content, as well as fiction, including mysteries, psychological thrillers, and children’s books. He also seeks submissions for young adult literature and literary thrillers.

As a full-service book and film literary agent at 20/20 Literary Group, Jay is dedicated to meeting the needs of his clients and ensuring the success of both the author and the book. He is committed to helping every book he represents achieve success and avoid rejection from traditional publishing houses or film organizations. Jay is also an avid reader and enjoys recommending books to others. For those who are just starting their writing careers, Jay is an ideal person to work with if they are seeking representation for their book.

For any complaints or distinctions regarding agent service, you may contact us at (888) 585-8423 or send your feedback using the form below.

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