Craving for Closeness


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In my book, Craving for Closeness, you will feel like an only child of the Father as He embraces you on a journey deeper and deeper into His bosom. This journey will unearth who you are in Him and who He has blueprinted you to be. It’s a welcoming journey into everyone’s heart, whether just starting to seek Him, lost and want to find Him (for the curious), and the mature who just wants more oneness with Him.

Craving for Closeness will pull you in as it takes you on a deeper journey in experiencing the unconditional, unwavering love of a Lover, Lord and a Friend. Each chapter invites you into an experience as the author shares her own real and undeniable experiences with her “AY” – her Adonai-Yeshua! This book will hold your hand and lead you down a path of transformation and encounters fulfilling your every craving, hunger and longing to be with him. As the cry of your heart continues to resound “Tell my Beloved that I am lovesick (Song of Songs 5:8)”.

Pastor Sheryl has accepted her Master’s unique call and gift to “teach his people” which he said with pain in his eyes. She is the Pastor of a multicultural church called Glory House International in South Carolina, USA which started in Jamaica in 2017. She is the mother of four, one adult son Brandon and three daughters Brittney, Brianna, and Breanca. She authors strictly from the pen and ink of the truest teacher who she hails as the Rabbi of all Rabbis – GOD the Holy Spirit. She is fully submitted to her Master, Jesus Christ and is a true son of Yeshua.


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