Divine Intervention: The Battle Between Good And Evil


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The book also reveals the dark side of his journey, with individuals associated with Lynwood meeting untimely fates, including the tragic murder of his daughter in 2013 by those protecting a cloning program. Throughout it all, Lynwood’s unshakable faith and quest for truth have driven him to share his story with the world.

“Those initial gifts from God along with more” is a gripping account of his odyssey through government conspiracies, extraterrestrial encounters, and divine interventions, urging readers to reconsider their understanding of reality and embrace a world where the supernatural and the physical coexist.

Lynwood Moore is a remarkable author whose life has been shaped by extraordinary experiences. His gripping memoir, “That Sunday Afternoon with My Rottweiler Sheba,” recounts a pivotal moment during a tornado in Missouri that led him on a journey beyond reality. From encounters with spirits, angels, and extraterrestrials to his involvement in covert operations during the Cold War, Lynwood’s life is a tapestry of the surreal and the secretive.


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