Pebbles From The Pond: A Teacher’s Story


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When Melody Standish arrives in the small town of Embden, Maine, to teach three middle school grades in a portable classroom, she has no idea what that will look like. The literary terms she plans to introduce, words like Foreshadow, Irony, Moral, parable, emerge inside and out side the classroom.

A revolving door of men enters Melody’s life, all seemingly wanting something from her.

The serene background of a freshwater pond and a basket of pebbles possibly dredged up from the deep provides enough rough water to keep the reader on task.

This story is a must read for anyone entering the teaching profession. In the end it’s a story that will serve as a reminder of where and how real learning takes place.

Growing up in rural Maine, blessed with seven sisters and seven brothers, he separated himself from the madness by reading and watching. Later, Reading and watching continued as a teacher for thirty-two years. Since retiring and moving to Florida with his wife Carey in 2003, he has been putting those experiences on the written page. Each of my eight books tells a different story.


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