Requiem, Changing Times: Where Fantasy Meets Reality


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“Great For Those Wanting To Begin Reading Fantasy…”
— Heidi Austin
“This long read is the perfect new fantasy/
sci-fi drama for anyone who loves the YA genre”
— Anthony Avina
“Nail-biting Action. Indulging Narration Comic Dialogues/
— Ankita
“This is way too real! 5 Stars from Crossroad Reviews It breaks the mold!”
— Vtreviewer
“Are you ready for an adventure?”
— Blue

Clint and Corbin thought that the only thing they had to worry about were their grades, sports, talking their way out of trouble, and how to survive Mrs. Christenson’s class. Until they are caught in a war between magical worlds, they are chased by Imps, an Orc bashes his way through their home, and an Elemental freezes local police as giant wolves attack campgrounds. They are saved by Banks and O’Neil’s allies as they all search for the sacred and powerful object known as the Requiem, and both sides know Clint has it.

Any teenager could handle some of this weirdness with the heart-shattering problem that Clint knows nothing about the Requiem. Clint’s friends and family are drawn deeper into the thrilling adventure even so far as an Oger crashing the school’s Halloween dance and things far worse taking control of almost their entire town. They may not be getting out alive and class with Mrs. Christenson will seem like a walk in the park after this.


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