Rising From the Ashes


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Warriors are never victims!
What if you were a highly sensitive, super magical kid plunked down into a world of violence, sex, and danger? In this world of upside-down, nothing feels real. Everything hurts, and no one is to be trusted.
What is love? What is family? Who am I?
Amidst the violence, June finds herself slipping in and out of time. After a particularly brutal encounter, something happens. June awakens, curled on the ground, wet and alone as if dripped out of a faucet. As she takes in the magnitude of the field of wildflowers, panic begins to set in. Where am I? She can hear the sound of running water off in the distance. But just as ideas were beginning to form, she saw HIM, Tigua, his long black tail twitching high above the sea flowers.
The flowers are parting gracefully as if in a bow. June drops to the ground in fear. With a sense of His presence, she lifts her eyes to the panther standing regally above her.
He beckons her.
Rise June Rise.
BUT then, just as suddenly as she got there, she would be sucked back down… there. With them.
The ones that claim to be her family.
The ones that tell her they love her despite all the other things.
The unspeakable things.
The things that hide in the Secrets.
I am Junebug, and I choose to fight!

Thousand of children go to sleep each night with the hope of a better tomorrow. I am June and this is my story.


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