“A Memorable Read” — The US Review Recommends W.F. Mefford’s “The Stalin Stain”

No novelist writes historical fiction like W.H. Mefford does in “The Stalin Stain,” for he brings readers into “a narrative rooted in suspense and lore,” as described by The US Review of Books.

The US Review of Books is known as one of the most trusted sources for readers looking for their next great finds, so having W.H. Mefford’s “The Stalin Stain” among its recommended books is a feat in itself. This is a well-deserved reward for Mefford’s dedication to crafting compelling stories. This also reminds us at 20/20 Literary Group to remain steadfast in providing writers with a dependable platform for their literary goals.

W.H. Mefford’s “The Stalin Stain” is about the daring journey of Moscow investigator Illya Podipenko with his charming, headstrong sidekick, Katya Tevoradze, as they uncover Stalin’s hidden treasures. It all starts with Katya seeking Illya’s aid to investigate her grandfather’s mysterious death, but what awaits them is far from their expectations.

“What follows in the midst of this murder mystery is a spat with downright ruthless gangsters and a riveting hunt for Stalin’s hidden treasures that remind one of an Indiana Jones’ adventure.”

—Mihir Shah, The US Review of Books

Mefford succeeds in displaying his strengths in crafting an exciting narrative that spends no time dragging things unreasonably. Each point of the story furthers tension with well-thought-out dialogue and deliberate characterization. Easy-to-read yet never dumbed down, the storytelling itself proves just how wise of a wordsmith he is. He knows how to raise his readers’ curiosity and use it to push them to investigate and find out the answers with Illya and Katya.

Mefford’s writing abilities also provide readers with a perfect balance of entertainment and intrigue through the two characters’ polar opposite personalities. Shah of The US Review of Books says it best:

“The character-driven narrative plays flawlessly off its two main characters, Illya and Katya—an unlikely pair, yet ever so fitting—to make for a memorable read.”

W.H. Mefford’s “The Stalin Stain” has the perfect combination of mystery, riddles, and adventure. It may just be a reader’s remedy to a reading slump. And we at 20/20 Literary Group are proud to share this milestone with Mefford.

Read The US Review here: https://www.theusreview.com/reviews-1/The-Stalin-Stain-by-William-Mefford.html

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