Devils & Dames: Experience Thrill the 80s Way with Peter Boroch’s Newest Installment of “Man in the Leather Jacket” Series

Are you looking for a read that will cool you down amidst the heated climate that is social media? Whether you’re a reader of the detective thriller genre or an avid fan of the 80s action movies, Peter Boroch’s latest work offers you an adventure packed with a perfect mix of action, wit, and thrill.

Senate candidate Bobby Johnson finds an opportunity to gain public trust when Colorado Springs, Colorado, falls in shambles as an unprecedented crime shakes the city. With the help of the series’ beloved investigator Ryan Porter and his sidekick Mindy Miller, they strive to uproot the mastermind and end the ongoing conspiracy.

The author shares his enthusiasm for the book, especially for the readers who loved the main characters until its latest installment, the fan-favorite Predator Games.

Devils & Dames, the newest installment to Peter Boroch’s thriller series Man in the Leather Jacket, is hitting the shelves at 20/20 Literary Group.

“Devils & Dames is a hard-hitting novel with a wide cast of characters ranging from military veterans, detectives, police officers, doctors, bartenders, strippers, waffle house employees, and everything in between. The book has plot twists, explicit language, adult situations, graphic violence, and a splash of sexy in comedic wit.”

Readers who love the late 80s and early 2000s action and thriller movies will resonate with the book’s concept. It offers a bang and kick of retro action that is refreshing in today’s stressful and charged times.

“The book took inspiration from shows like 24 where Jack Bauer would go after terrorists in outrageous ways that would even make his fellow CTU agents wince. If this hard-hitting novel sounds like it’s for you, go ahead, pick it up on the 20/20 Literary Group website…”

At 20/20 Literary Group, our literary agents collaborate with passionate authors and strive to offer them services with their literary success in mind. Peter Boroch is one of the many writers we work with and help to make their visions become reality.

Devils & Dames offers every thrill-seeker a dauntless, exhilarating reading experience. Follow Ryan Porter and Mindy Miller in Devils & Dames as they face their greatest foes. Grab your copy at 20/20 Literary Group, Amazon, and other bookstores now.

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