ALL That Have Breath: A Biblical Study of Animals in Scripture and Their Valued Place in God’s Creation


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This book is the result of a professional analyst reading the Bible in its entirety in multiple English translations, including the NIV (New International Version) and the Stone edition of the Tanach (Hebrew Bible), as well as researching and referencing other translations. The focus was to find everything that the Bible says about animals and analyze it.

The author, Suzanne R. Buerer, saw a pattern throughout the Bible showing that the animals are very caught up in the affairs of mankind, carried along with humans in the Fall, in punishments, in blessings, AND in restoration.

The author found that animals have the breath of the spirit of life which comes from God, and one book even discusses the spirit of the animal.
The author shows how the Bible emphasizes that God is very involved with His animals – He knows them, He talks about them (in more than one book), they cry out to Him, and He feeds and saves them.

In the last chapter, the author also discusses scriptures concerning mankind’s salvation along with and in contrast to God’s saving and renewal of all of His creation, as there is a matter of choice for humans to turn toward or away from God, while He otherwise will eliminate death, save His creation, and renew all things.

The conclusion is that God cares very much for all of His creation, including His animals. His love, salvation, and renewal extend to all who revere Him, the whole world and all that is in it!

SUZANNE R. BUERER is a Senior Systems Analyst at Kroger Inc. She has worked in retail for 45 years and is highly skilled in doing research, analysis, and deductive reasoning as a profession. She lived with her husband, two beagles, and two cats in Portland, Oregon until her death from cancer in 2023.


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