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There are thirty-seven separate selections in “Crickets.” Some are political: (“Negroes and Their Half-White, Half-Black President: The Before and After”); (“A Boy and His Grandpa”); (“Africa So Bad, So Sad”). Some are erotic: (“Weimar and the Hotel Elephant”); (Back When”); (“What Do They Say,”); and (“An Old Woman, A Young Man”); Most are reflective: “Just a Piece of Metal”); (“The Killings”); (Paint Rock”); (“A Writer in Malmo”); (”Kieran Padraig”); (“Winter is Coming”); and, (“Reverend Edmore Saul”) and (“Crickets’). These are some of the thirty-seven pieces I’ve placed in “Crickets.”

Born and raised in Selma, Dallas County, Alabama.
Attended and graduated from R.B. Hudson High School, Selma, AL.
After graduation, I joined the United States Air Force, being honorably discharged in September 1961.
Rejoined the United States Air Force in 1962. Retired from the USAF in 1986.
Employed by the U.S. Defense Department 1987-1988 and 1989-2017.
Graduated from Auburn University.
Graduate studies: University of Melbourne, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Married for more than 40 years. Has one child.

I grew up extremely poor. Much of my writings reflect upon poverty and the degradation that poverty and blatant racial segregation had on my life and my ability to transcend much of my past.
I have lived throughout the world: Germany, The Netherlands, Japan, Korea, Guam, Vietnam, Australia, and New Zealand, not to mention several states in America.


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