Let Your Light Shine: Alcoholism, God, and Sobriety


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Sandra L. Bobbitt, a retired nurse practitioner, resides in Wickenburg, Arizona. During her forty-five-year nursing career, she was also a university professor and a personal trainer. When Ms. Bobbitt retired, she was diagnosed with alcoholism. After hitting rock bottom, she had no friends and had become isolated, depressed, and harbored suicidal thoughts. It was then that she admitted herself into a thirty-day inpatient drug and alcohol rehabilitation program. Upon discharge Ms. Bobbitt began her writing career as a recovering alcoholic and used her new talents to write self-help books for those who were fighting addictions. Sandy also became a Christian and believer the same day she had her last drink. She now helps those who are learning to follow the Alcoholic Anonymous Twelve Step Program.

Today, Ms. Bobbitt, experiences the joy of God, sobriety, and recovery in her life. She has been heard to say, “If I can touch only one person with my stories, my life will be meaningful.”

Sandy can be reached at sandybobbitt@gmail.com


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