Delayed Diagnosis


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A mysterious sinister looking spot on his forearm troubles a retired executive and his physician assures him the spot is age related and harmless. Trusting a medical professional, the patient readily accepts the doctor’s clichéd answers.

A new primary care doctor is assigned to the patient and during his next appointment, he tells the doctor about his concern of the mysterious spot, which appears to be growing, and changing color.

Upon examination, the doctor realizes the seriousness of the situation and then, further examination by a specialist confirms the worse, Stage III Melanoma.

The patient faces extensive tests, treatments coupled with pain, days of depression and his dire thoughts of an early death.
Seeking retribution, he engages a medical malpractice legal firm to litigate his case against his original doctor.

A knowledgeable investigator eventually unlocks the secrets of the real doctor as a master of manipulation and who prided himself on his intellect and his patient’s easy acceptance of his diagnosis by relying on the accepted patient/physician trust factor.
A medical thriller from page one to the final paragraph.


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