The Trail to Invisibilia Manus


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The Trail portrays elements of real-world issues we face today: political, economic, environmental, as well as the social conflicts that divide us. It delves into the deeper spiritual and philosophical questions of technology and science. A stark warning is offered about the challenges and dangers we face to our very existence if we aren’t vigilant to the forces that seek to destroy us. There are many who feel these threats are being orchestrated by an invisible master plan that uses the media and government to manipulate and influence what we think, say and do. Sean Phillips, an introverted science genius, discovers this is more than just a feeling when he meets the charming, but mysterious Camille. He doesn’t realize her family is one part of an international collective with an unthinkable, nightmarish agenda.

In 1778, ten ruling families from the most powerful, wealthiest countries on earth gathered for a covert gathering in Salzburg, Austria. The American Revolution marked the beginning of the end for their world order. They correctly predicted their kingdoms, monarchies, and old-world order, would fall in devastating wars, only to be replaced by dangerous governments and dictatorships. Determined to survive, and not be a footnote in history, they founded Invisibilia Manus. Two hundred years later, they assemble at a secret location in New York to launch their long-planned campaign—Agenda One, a total global takeover and new-world order. However, before assuming power, they must reduce the numbers of an overpopulated, naïve, and indoctrinated world. Sean discovers the only chance of stopping them is to solve a seemingly impossible puzzle hidden in the Genesis One Story of Creation. This world-changing breakthrough provides the key to expose Invisibilia Manus; but the doomsday clock is ticking.


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