Gold: As October Sunsets, a Stray Dog, and God’s Good Plans


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GOLD as October Sunsets, a Stray Dog, and God’s Good Plans is the fourth book in Niedfeldt’s Lisenka series, but you don’t have to read the first three to love this adventure-packed Story. This book, set in October of 1930 as the Great Depression deepens, spotlights three runaway kids, one of them only ten years old. Lisenka and her family reach out to these young hobos who resist help and run again. A stray golden retriever lopes into the book, pulling the characters together but also adding conflict. Even when life feels desperate, Lisenka, her family, and friends learn that God does have a good plan for their lives.

All four Lisenka books are based on stories from actual people, real incidents, and historical times but are works of fiction.

The Author’s Story
Linda Jane Niedfeldt, known as Janie to her friends, is an outdoorsy, small-town gal. After college, marriage, and four children, she dabbled at teaching but focused on writing. Niedfeldt wrote two children’s historical fiction books, then dozens of newspaper stories and a few national magazine articles. In 1995, she and her husband, Tom, started a travel business, taking her simple life perspective to more than 75 countries. Now in retirement, she’s written her first memoir, Psalms in My Backpack, and two more children’s novels. (www.lindajaneniedfeldt.com)

The Photographer’s Story
While growing up, Carla Jahnke loved to laugh, make others smile, and see things through her own lens. Now, years later, she has a full life, married to her high school sweetheart, Dan. They live on a few acres and share many adventures with their four kids, one cat, and six chickens. Much of her success with Carla Jane Photography, capturing emotions and fun, is seeing through her old and new lenses of life.


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