Is It Still Murder: A Daughter Who Loves her


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Days before Christmas of ‘64, Olive Lewis was found sprawled on her living room floor, dead from a bullet to the back of her head. Her entire Arkansas town suspected one man of pulling the trigger: Cecil, her husband. But high-ranking officials, including Olive’s brother, a powerful attorney with plenty of pull, ruled her death a suicide.

Sherry Lewis, the twenty-two-year-old daughter of Olive and Cecil, knew this was not suicide. She embarked on a quest to uncover the truth and prove the authorities wrong. Wading through lies, threats, and cover-ups. Sherry painstakingly unraveled the mystery in her unstoppable search that spanned several states, two continents, and twenty-eight years. With the last surprise piece of the puzzle finally in place, Sherry has to answer the burning question: Is it still murder? Based on the author’s true-life account, this page-turner is part murder mystery and part analysis of the often-tragic consequences of abuse. A must-read for every survivor and a must-have resource for therapists: social workers, psychologists, psychiatrists, and family and school counselors.

“This is an …excellent illustration of how one’s life course can be determined by the events that occurred in childhood… Sherry’s work reads like a mystery novel, weaved social corruption, personal guilt, anguish, and intrigue.”

—Anne Courso-Johanson, Ph.D., Cerritos California

Author Sherry Lewis Henry, Ph.D., MSW, is a licensed clinician who has worked in private practice, social service agencies, and group therapy settings. She is an expert on Survivor Syndrome—Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and has worked with the military in Texas, Hawaii, California and Japan. Her doctorateal research paralleled the effects of domestic violence with survivors of the Jewish Holocaust and included consultations with Drs. Viktor Frankl in Vienna, Austria, and Paul Tournier in Geneva, Switzerland. She presented her findings at the 2nd World Congress of Alcoholism and Drug Abuse in Ramat Gan, Israel. She speaks at regional and national venues about the plight of survivors and the meaning of “The Survivor’s Mission.”


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