A Father and Son’s Journey: 11 Life Lessons


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Malhar Ramcharran & Dr. Ram Ramcharran decided to write these short life lessons as a way to help share similar experiences they had while growing up; since Malhar was encountered some bullying from classmates in middle school at the time so Dr. Ram wanted him to write his experiences as way to help him better understand what was happening at school because Dr. Ram also encountered some similar events growing up in New York City. He didn’t want Malhar to feel he was alone, so he encouraged him to write about his feelings and thoughts using the lessons that they share with each other as daily lessons to better understand the experiences.

Malhar is 18 years old and attends a STEM Fundamental High School which focuses on Science, Technology, Engineering and Math which are subjects he enjoys. Malhar loves art, technology and really into coding, Minecraft games and writing. Along with YouTube videos for his channel. He wants to someday own and run his own Digital Animation company while on the become a YouTuber sharing his video and lessons to other children’s. Malhar will be attending college in the Fall of 2024 and mostly likely be attending a STEM focused University.

Dr. Ram P. Ramcharran is retired Clinical Psychologist, businessman, entrepreneur, and author of several books. He decided to write this book with Malhar to help him understand the experience he was having and to bond with him more and to let him know and understand the lessons they talk about are not just words but there are actions behind it that will help Malhar and others become better people and citizens in their community. Dr. Ramcharran is very proud of Malhar for wanting to share his lessons with others despite being so personal because he recognized it may help some work through similar challenges he may have faced. Malhar and Ram Ramcharran live in Tarpon Springs, Florida

A Father and Son’s Journey is Love and understanding for each other and the people around them. Malhar and Ram Ramcharran live what they taught in this book. I know that the short stories and lessons they shared comes from the center of their hearts. I have seen it and experienced their love and compassion for each other and the people around them.

Dr. Shelton Wood. Jr.– GWUA President

Reading the stories of the lessons shared between a father and son brought.
back most the wonderful memories I had with my dad growing up in Atlanta, GA. This is a wonderful way these life lessons were shared about growing up. I encourage everyone to pick up this book and share it with your loved ones.

Philip Nelson– Senior Vice President – Wells Fargo Wealth Managements.


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