The Chariots Flew Then And Still Do Today!


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Dr. Pleune confronts the religious community, and in specific the Christian faith (which is very broad), by looking at the challenges of faith and its reliability as well as its unreliability by asking some very basic questions that relate, as asked above, to get people to think about their faith and the authority that backs up their faith as being reliable or not. A follow-up question that kicks off the subject of reliability is the appearance of Truth. Does something exist that is relied upon by means of a person’s say-so or textual authority which may or may not be initially written in correct interpretation from earlier writings as well as the injection of the writers own view, bias or prejudice?
In disseminating the Truth, Dr. Pleune examines writings, archeology, the bible and the immense information stored in the Storage Banks of which the Plejaren from the planet of Era introduce to Billy Meier. The storage banks go back hundreds of thousands of years and are more accurate than Biblical and archeological records that exist. In this context, Dr. Pleune discusses what and why people accept religious beliefs…even though they are false.
Dr. Pleune brings out two distinct subjects that deal with what is truth and what is not truth. The first subject discussed is the dating of the Noah’s Ark Flood. This has been severely misunderstood and even errantly neglected in research. It is even skewed in its time frame and what caused the so-called “Flood.” The research on this topic even changes the “Religionists” concept of dating the earth…that is to say if they dare to learn the truth! It also correctly aids in the dating of the end of the ice age and the answer to why we have twenty-four hours in a day and what the axis of the earth was prior to the Destroyer Comet.
In addition to this profound information, Dr. Pleune also explains the Sumerian King List and its relationship to alien life ruling the Sumerian populace and aspects of their longevity, technology and rulership. This aspect of study had a bearing on early Biblical faith in what was considered the worship of a God. Dr. Pleune explains the true definition of God as well as JHWH (King of Wisdom) and the relationship it has with Adam and his descendents (those who believed in a God or not) down to Abraham, as well as “who was the God of Abraham.”
Dr. Pleune follows this up with a history of what is called the God of the Hebrews, Christians, and whoever else follows the belief of God, with the true and accurate information from the storage banks of the universe that no other scripture of any kind has stated before. Sadly, there are those who will cling to a Savior and God that have been put on a pedestal because they only accept what feels good or sounds right even though there is so much proof that states otherwise.
The whole matter has a direct influence on the skewed social interaction and treatment between mankind, which in turn results in a religious denomination turning against itself and splitting neighbor against neighbor, parent against child; religious texts being misunderstood; and finally coming full circle to who is right and who is wrong. Dr. Pleune points out the hatred and carnage that religious convictions have cost in wars, splits in family circles and neighborhoods, and our nation’s stand on issues as well as treaties and working relationships with other nations.
Finally, Dr. Pleune discusses false teachings, delusional beliefs, and skewed interpretation of Biblical script as it relates to the authoritative revelations from the Plejaren (those from the area of the Pleiades) who have historical information that is far more accurate than any religious texts on Earth. If you fail to research these accurate revelations, you will lack the wisdom of life and continue to be blinded by self and delusional concept.


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