Henry Wilson and Area 51 Secrets


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17-year-old Henry Wilson is an average teenager who could never guess what girls are thinking or convince his mother he’s not ready for college… not yet, anyway. But when Henry discovers he has the uncanny ability to read minds and induce thoughts, his plans for any conceivable future —college or otherwise—are swept aside; government agents from Area 51 recruit him into a top-secret organization based in a quiet Westchester County, New York community.

A simple suburban home is where Henry secretly meets mythical creatures, other “gifted” people, and even an extra-terrestrial cat-dog creature who closely mentors him in the Arts of Magical and Mystical Science. But when a coven of evil witches seeks vengeance and begins destroying the entire nation, Henry must overcome his fears and doubts to quickly master his mental might in the ultimate adventurous battle of science, magic, and mayhem!

Christopher A. Salvo grew up in Mamaroneck and Purchase, New York.
He is also the author of Henry Wilson and Murphy’s Law, to be re-released.
He lives with his wife, Cyndy. He has six children: Frank, Katharine, Christina, Matthew, Philip, and Valerie.


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