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The Winning Mindset for Life and Business


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How would you define success? What is success for you? Success is different for each person.

Life does have its challenges. My jobs have had their own challenges. Build your mindset as you strengthen your character. Some people sometimes reach a breaking point before being sent home from Navy boot camp.

We all need help, and not everyone can do things by themselves, so you need a strong network. Good communication skills to lead people to carry out projects, but the strength of character to listen to people’s input about the project.

Your mind is your strongest tool, so build your mind with a strong foundation of learning.

A small-town boy who grew up on a farm in SW Idaho. I married a person who I met at college before I went into the U.S. Navy. I am a graduate of TVCC. I traveled the world as I served in the U.S. Navy. I love to build home d├ęcor items to sell. I love to study history about the Vikings and Norway, the land of my Norwegian ancestors. It has been a life of challenges, but it is a matter of how you overcome those challenges.


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