Triumph Over Tragedy


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The allure of the seductive island of Bermuda, with its mysterious coral reefs and pink sands, draws us into the powerful, personal story of Jay Fox.

Journey with him as he takes us through forbidden love, heartaches, and jubilation. While being wrapped in the mystique of fascinating island history, take glimpses into the hidden, lingering world of racial discrimination and the secrets of his successful business and musical careers.

This story is translated into his original music, which has touched the world.
Baring his life to us, he shares scenes beginning in the crystal waters of paradise, finding a missing part of his heart in England, and being called to the rolling hills of the Tennessee Cumberland Plateau.

The miraculous events of his battle with a rare, deadly disease and how the powers of heaven gave him ‘Triumph Over Tragedy’ will leave you truly Amazed.

– Ruth Berkes
Author of several books


“A compelling story, on the beautiful island of Bermuda, most of us know only as a fabulous vacation spot.
I think the historical significance is one of the fascinating parts… what can I say? It’s just fascinating. I love it, and I just know others will, too.”

– Vicky Flowers
Regional Vice President,
ARBONNE International


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