The Illegal from Holland


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How does a carefree, four-day honeymoon trip from California to New Mexico turn into a trap, resulting in a jail sentence in El Paso and a deportation to Holland? The Illegal from Holland tells how a Dutch citizen and her American husband travel halfway around the world to overturn her deportation. Along the way, they learn about the amazing inefficiency of the U.S. Immigration Department and the ominous danger of the blind hostility and prejudices of many Americans towards illegal immigrants today.

Michael Durack is a freelance writer, corporate manager, and part-time actor living in Long Beach, California. He is married to Yolande Wassenberg, who is an art model, artist, and costume designer among other vocations. They spend their time together pursuing a variety of activities, including travel, professional pet sitting, photography, and educating the public about the inherent fallacies of the current U.S. Immigration policies.



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