Troubled Waters


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Welcome to Troubled Waters, your friendly neighborhood watering hole in the Old Port of Portland, Maine, where that old joke takes on a life of its own amid a lively cast of characters: Jacob the gentle giant, Freddy the fixture, Quentin the troubled professor, Sean injured but ever resilient, wife and nurse Stella, and a female singer named Elvis. Linger over a brew, sing along with timeless classics belted out by Jacob and Elvis. Order up some of Stella’s gotta-have fish chowder. Pause, ponder, raise a glass, and return to the sea- If only in your mind. Woven throughout this mystery are personal stories of hopes and dreams, loss and tears, the good, the bad, and the criminally obsessed. Come on in and join the gang for a tale of tragedy and resilience, mystery and madness. There’s nothing like a cup of brew and a good sense of humor to keep the wind in your sails in troubled times.

Growing up in rural Maine, blessed with seven sisters and seven brothers, he separated himself from the madness by reading and watching… Later, Reading and watching continued as a teacher for thirty-two years. Since retiring and moving to Florida with his wife Carey in 2003, he has been putting those experiences on the written page. Each of my eight books tells a different story.


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