God, The Grandest Illusion: The Birth Of God From Alien/Sumerian Worship


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Dr. Ron Pleune was born and raised in Grand Rapids, Michigan, where he received his Bachelor’s in Business Administration and later his Master’s and Doctorate in Education from Bethany Divinity College and Seminary.

Dr. Ron Pleune witnessed his first UFO in the spring of 1974 right after a Saturday morning breakfast. The sky was clear and blue as it hovered approximately 300 ft. in the air above the backyard.

It wasn’t until 2014 that Dr. Pleune discovered a book titled “Light Years” that spoke of a man called Billy Meier who had been contacted by Plejaren in 1942 when he was 5 years old. Dr. Pleune, and his wife Sally, left Christianity in early 2016 and studied the Plejaren through Bill Meier’s website “theyfly.com” and have written two previous books about man’s faith in the false belief of a God… when actually God is no more than a highly intelligent human from another planet/star system as proclaimed in the writings of “The Kings List” and personal contact with the Plejaren. Dr. Pleune is an avid ufologist who, along with his wife, takes individuals out in the night and demonstrates how extraterrestrials can be summoned by using spotlight code. At present, Dr. Pleune has summoned over 250 ships over the past five years ranging from approximately 30 ft. in diameter to 300 ft. On several occasions, the ships have come as close as 100 ft. while flashing their light and spreading cold air as they passed by. Dr. Pleune is the Founder and Director of Living Truth Fellowship which follows the Goblet of Truth as the guide to living a victorious life, the Talmud of Jmmanuel (the corrected account of the Gospel of Matthew), and the written ET contacts of Billy Meier with the Plejaren. Dr. Pleune is available for instruction on how to contact extraterrestrials using light code as well as lectures, PowerPoint presentations, and field training.

Email: drpleune@gmail.com


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