When The Games Froze


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Nana Nkuku, a travel agent from Accra, Ghana, Jean-Claude Girard, a flight attendant from Nice, France, and Shirley Marshall, a cosmetologist from Atlanta, Georgia, are three roommates who share a townhouse in a Washington, D.C. suburb. They all have one thing in common. Each has a future goal they hope will retire them from their conventional jobs. Then, mysterious incidents begin to happen to Nana and her friends as the character’s lives fall apart. Someone is dead – another is abducted, and as though the roommates have not seen the shock of their lives, the unthinkable happens. In the aftermath of a disaster, the readers find themselves wondering: Will they ever locate the abducted? Will the
roommates ever realize their goals? Will Nana ever reveal and overcome her secret? The answers are deeply nestled within the pages of When the Games Froze. “When the Games Froze” is a heart-wrenching story about everyday people who come together by fate. They are destined to help others in need. These characters are going to keep you rooted to each page as you venture into the day of When the Games Froze.

A.M. Peabody is the first Liberian woman to pen and publish a full-length novel. She survived a violent coup d’etat in Liberia, which resulted in a vicious military attack on her family’s home, where she, her sons, and her husband took refuge. Soldiers of the opposing political party went on a 20-minute shooting rampage on the home and debated on whether to assassinate her entire family. Her first book, Exiled – within the Bowels of American Society, was a tribute to the survival of the Liberian coup, which was endorsed by the former Liberian Ambassador and the former Liberian Minister of Information in 2003. A.M. Peabody is a highly sought-after public speaker on issues of gender-based violence and women empowerment. The author is the Founder and Executive Director of Global Woman P.E.A.C.E. Foundation, a 501c3 nonprofit organization. She and her organization were partly responsible for getting FGM criminalized in the Commonwealth of Virginia. The author resides in Northern Virginia. She has two sons and six grandchildren.


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