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Crafting Perfection Together: A Testimonial of Cherie Doyen’s Collaboration with 2020 Literary Group

Crafting Perfection Together: A Testimonial of Cherie Doyen’s Collaboration with 2020 Literary Group

The 2020 Literary Group, a community of passionate individuals in their craft, served as the driving force behind Cherie Doyen’s remarkable journey. It was within this group that Cherie found a supportive network of like-minded individuals who believed in her talent and encouraged her to bring her story to life. Together, they poured their hearts and souls into every word, every chapter, and every scene, transforming “Rising From the Ashes” into a work of art that resonates with readers on a profound level.

Cherie Doyen’s Testimonial

Here is Cherie Doyen’s transcribed video testimonial:

“My books came yesterday. I’m super excited, holding in my hands ‘Rising From the Ashes.’ It is a beautiful rendition. I am very, very pleased with 2020, and it’s been fabulous working with my Project Manager. My Project Manager and I are both perfectionists, so I am more than pleased. I am ecstatic over how the cover turned out. He was quite patient with me—with my perfectionism. We had some lapses about it. So, thank you so much to my Project Manager, and thank you, 2020, for making this a reality: ‘Rising from the Ashes.’”

As Cherie shares her thoughts, she highlights the role of the 2020 Literary Group as a catalyst for her own creative process. The synergy of like-minded individuals, driven by a shared commitment to excellence, pushed her to explore new horizons and refine her craft. Through collaborative discussions and insightful feedback, Cherie found herself delving deeper into the heart of her story.

The cover design of “Rising From the Ashes” emerges as a prime example of the magic that transpired within the 2020 Literary Group. Cherie’s excitement is palpable as she recounts how the group’s input influenced the visual representation of her vision. Every brushstroke, every color, and every detail of the design were influenced by the collective imagination of the group.

Cherie extends her heartfelt gratitude to her partnered literary group, acknowledging them as not just collaborators but as driving forces behind the success of “Rising From the Ashes.”

At 2020 Literary Group, we value the importance of genuine collaboration with our clients to reach new heights of their creative prowess in giving life to their written crafts.

You can check out Cherie Doyen’s full video testimonial by clicking here!

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