A Must Read in The US Review of Books: Ann Paulson’s “Stepping Stones for the Heart” Captivates Readers and Critics Alike

Prepare to be swept away on a journey of divine revelation and spiritual awakening with Ann Paulson’s latest masterpiece, “Stepping Stones for the Heart: Awakening with Jesus.” Delving into the realms of past lives, celestial encounters, and the eternal embrace of God’s love, Paulson’s narrative transcends the ordinary, leaving readers spellbound and inspired.

“Those who read Paulson’s work will want to probe the pragmatic points and the uplifting mystical elements she has so clearly set forth in a work that invites group discussion and individual contemplation.”

“Her book is generously endowed with Jeshua’s proclamations, historical information, and religious themes not always confirmed in standard Christian lore.”

—Barbara Bamberger Scott, The US Review of Books

Ann Paulson, a reluctant messenger turned spiritual luminary, hails from the heartland of rural Midwest. Amidst the tranquil beauty of her surroundings, Paulson’s encounters with Jeshua and celestial beings propelled her on a quest for truth and enlightenment. Now, armed with a wealth of divine wisdom and unwavering faith, Paulson invites readers to embark on their own journey of spiritual discovery.

“Stepping Stones for the Heart”
Ann Paulson

Unveiling the Story

In this true-life odyssey, Paulson shares her extraordinary experiences over the course of a transformative year. What began as an ordinary existence for this self-described “ordinary” Christian soon morphed into a tapestry of celestial connections and profound revelations. Enter Jeshua, known to the world as Jesus, who becomes Paulson’s guide through the mysteries of her past lives and the boundless depths of God’s love.

Exploring the Depths

Barbara Bamberger Scott’s review of “Stepping Stones for the Heart” echoes the awe and wonder that Paulson’s narrative evokes. Through Paulson’s candid and heartfelt prose, readers are transported into a realm where the mundane meets the miraculous, and the ordinary becomes extraordinary.

Scott praises Paulson’s humility and sincerity, noting her ability to convey complex spiritual truths with grace and clarity. “Stepping Stones for the Heart: Awakening with Jesus” is more than just a book; it’s a testament to the enduring power of faith and the transformative nature of divine love.

As Paulson’s narrative unfolds, readers are invited to shed the shackles of doubt and fear and embrace the limitless possibilities of spiritual awakening. The US Review’s endorsement of Paulson’s work underscores its significance and impact, affirming its place as a beacon of hope and inspiration in a world hungry for meaning and purpose.

Self-discovery and enlightenment are found as you turn the pages of “Stepping Stones for the Heart,” where mysteries abound and miracles await.


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