Dangerous Secrets


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Sam, a wealthy industrialist, holds his business rival, Bill, responsible for the death of his wife, Robin. Because of this, he is hell-bent on putting Bill out of business. A strange woman named Dee comes into Sam’s life and awakens a heart that had lain dormant for many years following the death of his wife. Dee’s appearance triggers a series of dreams of being visited by his deceased wife, trying to give him a message. One event after another seems to drive Sam to find the truth of what he believed, finding the answers to questions and a way to live again.

As Sam falls in love, he encounters even more mystery all around him. As time goes on and the story unfolds, Sam finds himself on a trip with Dee. Whisking her away to Vegas for a weekend of fun, Sam gets lost in his thoughts and forgets all about Robin or Bill. Mysterious events abound as Sam finds he is not as in control as he thought. His housekeeper, Vera, is the rock behind this man, keeping him on track and keeping a close eye. After a night lost in a nightmare of darkness, where his deceased wife tells him things he never knew, Sam awakens with a new sense of direction and more determination than ever. He finally sees what has been right under his nose all along.

Sam now confronts all that have been in his way. As an astute businessman, Sam is adept at handling confrontation without feeling or emotion. This includes his new love, Dee. But Dee is a woman driven by her own path of satisfaction and revenge, or could it be called a guilty conscience? As the story unfolds and takes one turn after another, Sam finally arrives at the end of his journey. Leaving the trail of lies and deception behind him, he finds what he truly has been looking for all along.

My name is Harold Krueger III, and my friends call me Monte. I’ve been writing for many years now and have been in the field of Poetry, earning a few publisher’s choice awards, published in Link Magazine, and a few poetry books. One Poem, “Black Beauty,” was even given as an award in a Beauty Contest. This is my first full novel, and I hope you all enjoy it as much as I did writing it.


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