Henry Wilson, The Enchanted Flask With Cameron Shultz


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Henry Wilson in the Enchanted Flask with Cameron Schultz is an enthralling fantasy novel by Christopher A. Salvo. The story revolves around 17-year-old Henry Wilson, an average teenager who unexpectedly discovers he possesses extraordinary mental abilities which opens powerful super-human prospects and more as follows:

  1. Henry’s Gifted Mind: Henry’s seemingly ordinary life takes a dramatic turn when he realizes he can read minds and induce thoughts. His plans for college and a typical future are abruptly disrupted when government agents from Area 51 recruit him into the very secret United States Department of Extraordinary Circumstances and Events based in a quiet Westchester County, New York community.
  2. Mythical Creatures and Extra-Terrestrial Mentors: Within the confines of a simple suburban home, Henry encounters mythical creatures and other gifted individuals. Most notably, he befriends an extra-terrestrial alien being who becomes his mentor in the Arts of Magical and Mystical Science.
  3. The Battle of Science, Magic, and Mayhem: As the nation faces a dire threat from a coven of evil witches, Henry must overcome his fears and doubts. He quickly master his mental abilities, leading to an ultimate battle that intertwines science, magic, and mayhem.
  4. Author’s Inspiration: If you enjoyed series like JK Rowling’s Harry Potter, CS Lewis’s Narnia, or the Ring Trilogy, you’ll find this out-of-this-world adventure captivating.

Christopher A. Salvo grew up in Mamaroneck and Purchase, New York and graduated from White Plains, N.Y. High School, attended the University of Michigan and the Columbia University School of Dental and Oral Surgery on a competitive New York State Regents Scholarship. He and his wife, Cyndy, live in Connecticut. They have six children. They are Frank, Katharine, Christina, Matthew, Philip, and Valerie. He is an avid writer of magical, quasi-scientific fantasy fiction.


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