The Polish Popcorn Company


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The city of Kolobrzeg, located in Poland on the Bearing Sea coast, is a relatively small city of about 50,000 people.

It is also home to Pauli Zukowski, the popular owner of the Zukowski Candy Store, and a newer business called the Polish Popcorn Company.

His understanding of chemistry and experimentation allowed him to create some unique candy and popcorn assortments and the businesses grew due to his ingenuity.

One day, reading a chemistry newsletter, he read an article describing how explosive companies used a trace chemical in their products. Being able to identify the trace chemical allowed law enforcement to investigate any explosive incident to identify the manufacturer.

Pauli wondered if he could develop a way of eliminating the trace material and he wondered if he could earn money selling his knowledge without any awareness of the legality of his actions.

He realized by eliminating the trace detection; he would be supporting the evil portions of society to harm others. This did not faze him. His objective was to achieve notoriety regardless of the human cost to society.

After many assignations, Interpol with the help of the CIA, worked hard to find him and stop his production of killing materials.
A long and exciting story awaits the reader.


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