The Quest for Peace: Quelling the Rash of Violence


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The Quest for Peace is an outgrowth of the author’s previous work titled, “How Goes It With America,” in which he stresses a closer look at the deficits in our educational, political, and social systems as well as economic stresses on family and community structures, which he suggests, emanates from inadequate treatment of youthful offenders in the criminal justice system. He also points out ways in which our society can move to higher ground and avoid the pitfalls of the past.

My two careers as a juvenile probation officer and then as a school psychologist have given me a unique perspective on the state of our Nation and how it has impacted the youth of America. In addition, to my advanced degree in psycho-educational services, I also bring an undergraduate degree background in political science and history. It is my deep conviction that the health and viability of our society are a direct reflection of the health and viability of our educational systems and the integrity of our families and community support. think there is indisputable evidence of this (from developmental psychology and community sociology) if we want to focus our attention in that direction. To me it is self-evident.


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