This Old House


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Recipe For A Long Lasting Secret

Fill This Old House with seventeen good eggs, slightly scrambled.

Bind the batch with the strength and wisdom of Mama.

Stir in a body of cold water inhabited by large eels and who knows what else.

Add a measure of humor and curiosity fueled by a family well read.

Include a dash of secrets and watchfulness.

Combine the batter with a dedicated teacher and a touch of military might.

Bake the whole concoction on a slab of black slate.

The end result serves an entire community.

Growing up in rural Maine, blessed with seven sisters and seven brothers, he separated himself from the madness by reading and watching. Later, reading and watching continued as a teacher for thirty-two years. Since retiring and moving to Florida with his wife Carey in 2003, he has been putting those experiences on the written page. Each of my eight books tells a different story.


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