20/Twenty Literary Group Changed a Writing Career: Author Testimonial

20/Twenty is a young company with years of technical experience and knowledge. When I got a phone call from Jim Hudson, Literary Agent from 20/twenty, I had been discouraged from working with past publishers and had put publishing my new book on hold. James demonstrated an eagerness about my writings, and we soon developed a relationship based on mutual trust. James does what he promises and is prompt with delivery. In a few days, Jim and I, along with James Alvarez, Project Manager, had a marketing strategy and media release – this would have taken weeks with other publishing companies I had worked with. I am very pleased with 20/Twenty and look forward to working with them on upcoming book releases.

-Sandra L. Bobbitt, Author


The world of publishing is full of various opportunities and challenges. Aspiring writers who enter this industry embark on a journey that is filled with many twists and turns. The path is not an easy one, but it is also full of learning and growth opportunities.

Having a career in the publishing industry attracts a lot of obstacles, learnings, and so are opportunities. This applies to all that opens the door to this world. The world of stories is the world that creates encouragement, inspiration, and entertainment for the readers, and so is to the people involved in the publication. However, this does not imply that this place always has the same footing for everyone. The journeys of the authors are not easy. 

Just like stories they tell, authors’ stories in this industry have a beginning and an end, but before each reaches their ending, they will face all the obstacles in need to learn and grow, and they will also encounter their own plot twist that may lead them to a different path than they have imagined. Even so, all will have their own conclusions. Endings are uncertain, but you can choose your own path and, on each path, have people that will be of help to you.

In the publishing world, there are literary agents that will help pave the way for authors that are searching for the right path, and 20/Twenty Literary Group is one of those. We ensure that your journey leads to a happy ending which is why we create and provide quality services and provide them in a timely manner. 

As we support each author’s journey, we also grow along with them. The publishing industry is not just about publishing books. It is also about building relationships and growing alongside each other. At 20/Twenty Literary Group, we understand this and value the trust that our clients have in us. They take pride in their work and ensure that they provide timely services to each author.

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