Rave Reviews for R. Wesley Clement’s ‘Ghost Writer’

Join 2020 Literary Group as we delve into the otherworldly world of literature and honor the haunting beauty of storytelling.

We are thrilled to have the opportunity to delve into Robert Wesley Clement’s captivating novel, “Ghost Writer,” which has received rave reviews from Pacific Book Review and The US Review of Books.

“One can get lost in this novel and lose all sense of time. Clement definitely provides a story almost impossible to put down, and will stick with you once the tale has ended.”

“This book deserves a resounding “Notable Book” rating due to the edge-of-your-seat storytelling, expert character development, and overall pleasurable reading experience.”

—Jennifer Bailey, Pacific Book Review


“This book will be great for those who like a strong, relatable protagonist, particularly if they enjoy a little paranormal without the horror and scares, as well as for those who don’t want to solve the mystery but rather take pleasure in watching it unfold.”

—Mark Heisey, The US Review of Books

“Ghost Writer”
R. Wesley Clement

About the Book

In “Ghost Writer” by Robert Wesley Clement, protagonist Ryan Trussell finds himself navigating a tumultuous home life while grappling with the challenges of a new school. His mother’s indifference and his father’s retreat into solitude cast shadows over his daily existence. Despite his academic prowess, Ryan faces unjust scrutiny from his math teacher, further complicating his life. Yet, amidst the darkness, a glimmer of hope emerges in the form of a kindred spirit he meets at the local library—a girl who shares his passion for books and the supernatural.

As Ryan confides in his trusted journal, he soon discovers that even his innermost thoughts are not immune to the haunting presence within his home. Two restless spirits, bound by tragic deaths within its walls, begin to communicate with him through the pages of his journal. Their desperate quest for release intertwines with the secrets of the small town, threatening to unravel the lives of those closest to Ryan.

R. Wesley Clement Is A Super Storyteller

When we at 2020 Literary Group began collaborating with R. Wesley Clement, it was evident that Clement and his stories were destined for greatness. With his knack for keeping readers on their toes and delivering jaw-dropping twists, it’s no wonder his stories are always met with anticipation.

“Ghost Writer is a book which drags readers into the story line straight from the prologue. Readers are drawn into the story and already know that something isn’t right.”

—Jennifer Bailey, Pacific Book Review

R. Wesley Clement has already established himself as a master of his genre, and it’s safe to say that he possesses all the qualities necessary to become a best-selling author.

“Clement displays in his writing the experience that only comes with practice.”

—Mark Heisey, The US Review of Books


“It is evident that R. Wesley Clement is a master at storytelling and can quickly become a best-selling author.”

—Jennifer Bailey, Pacific Book Review

The 2020 Literary Group is incredibly grateful to R. Wesley Clement for his unwavering trust, which has left us in awe. We gratefully recognize our position as messengers of his success. However, in the midst of our combined endeavors, it is Clement’s exceptional talent that stands out the most, a guiding light that we are excited to share with the world. Truly, in this harmonious exchange of creativity, his brilliance becomes a victory we all celebrate together.


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