A Newbie’s Dream Come True: Harold Krueger’s Testimonial on 2020 Literary Group

In the vast world of writing and publishing, aspiring authors often face numerous challenges and rejections along their journey. However, every now and then, a shining ray of hope emerges, transforming dreams into reality. One such success story is that of Harold Krueger, a passionate writer who recently achieved his dream of publishing a book titled “Dangerous Secrets.” In this blog article, we will delve into Harold’s testimonial, where he shares his experience with the remarkable 2020 Literary Group, a team that played a pivotal role in making his dreams come true.


Harold Krueger’s Testimonial


Hey, how’s it going out there? I just wanted to stop by and share a little something with you. I’ve been writing for pretty much my entire life. Yeah, I’ve tried getting published. Ohh boy, I tell you. But for some reason, whatever, they keep turning me down. And just when I was about ready to just plain give up, forget the dream. Out of the blue, 20/20 Literary Group gave me a call. And guess what? She made that dream come true.

So if you’re a newbie and you’re looking to get a book published. 2020 literary group, they’re the ones to give a call but don’t listen to me. Hey, you know, check them out. You decide. I’m a newbie. What do I know, right? But I’ll tell you what if you give them a call. I really think you’re going to be happy and glad that you did.

2020 Literary Group: The Ultimate Choice for Newbies


As Harold proudly proclaims, the 2020 Literary Group is the go-to option for newbie authors seeking to get their books published. From marketing and promotion to publishing and web design, the team’s combined skills and dedication ensure a holistic approach to author support. Though Harold acknowledges his status as a newbie, his heartfelt recommendation stems from the remarkable experience he had with the team.

Harold Krueger’s journey from aspiring writer to published author serves as an inspiration for all those who face rejections and setbacks along their writing paths. Through his testimonial, Harold emphasizes the invaluable role played by the 2020 Literary Group bringing his dream to fruition. Their collective efforts and expertise guided Harold to the realization of his aspirations. If you’re a budding writer yearning for success, consider reaching out to the 2020 Literary Group, and who knows, we might just be the missing piece in your own publishing puzzle. Remember, dreams do come true!

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