Author Testimonial: Reviving John Paul DeWalt’s Literary Journey

Year 2022, John Paul DeWalt faced financial hardships and unexpected challenges, including the breakdown of his car. Faced with adversity, he found himself returning to the labor force and factory work, seemingly far from the world of literature. Little did he know that this would be the starting point for a remarkable transformation, and we at 20/20 Literary Group were privileged to play a role in this inspiring journey.

Around this pivotal time, we received a call from John Paul DeWalt, a talented author with a captivating novel titled “Joshua and Caleb.” His manuscript had piqued our interest, and the moment we connected with him, we knew we had the chance to be part of something extraordinary. 20/20 Literary Group, representing John Paul’s literary aspirations, initiated the conversation, and the synergy between author and agent was undeniable.

20/20 Literary Group, with boundless enthusiasm and unwavering belief in John Paul’s work, painted a vivid picture of what lay ahead. We envisioned his novel gracing the shelves of bookstores and even had the audacious dream of it becoming a captivating movie. Our words were not just persuasive; they were infectious, and they resonated deeply with John Paul II.

Our commitment to John Paul’s literary journey was evident from the start. We assured him that, together, we could turn his dreams into reality. With unwavering support and genuine excitement, we outlined the path to success, which included meticulously preparing the manuscript, collaborating with a professional editor, and engaging a creative cover design team. Our dedication and passion knew no bounds.

Throughout this transformative process, 20/20 Literary Group and the entire team stood as pillars of encouragement and support for John Paul. Our shared excitement for the final product, as well as the prospect of a future movie adaptation, fueled John Paul’s determination and inspired us all. We went the extra mile, promising to provide John Paul with a dedicated website for marketing his work.

Crucially, John Paul was empowered to maintain creative control over his work, a principle we hold dear at 20/20 Literary Group. We believe that an author’s voice should remain unaltered, and this commitment was reiterated in every interaction.

Today, we are immensely proud to have been part of John Paul DeWalt’s journey to becoming a published author. His trust in us and his unwavering determination have been remarkable. We wholeheartedly recommend 20/20 Literary Group to authors seeking a dedicated partner in their own literary endeavors.

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