Different Types of Stories

When it comes to the world of book publishing, the length of a novel is typically determined by the type of book it is. These averages, rather than any specific rule, represent industry standards in their entirety. Word counts, on the other hand, are extremely important to consider when discussing novelettes, novellas, novels, short stories, …

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How Do Ghostwriting and Co-Authoring Differ?

Co-authorship and ghostwriting are two different types of writing, but some people mistake them for one another. There are countless directions in which they can diverge.   Ghostwriting Ghostwriting is the practice of writing content or materials on behalf of another person or organization. Ghostwriters generally write content such as books, articles, blog posts, reports, …

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Best eBook Writing Tips

eBooks change lives. Publishing an eBook is a great way to start a writing career or make a side income. Many authors know this but haven’t started writing eBooks. You may be one of them—unsure where to start or worried about time. These tips will help you brainstorm, research, and write your first draft. Creating …

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Process of Book Production

In a book production unit, they are accountable for the book design, book layout, book printing, and/or ebook coding of the finished book. Here is the book production process:

What Is An Advanced Reading Copy (ARC)?

Advanced reading copies may be missing the completed product’s binding, composition, and dust cover. The contents of an earlier volume may vary somewhat from the market material (the finished volume released for sale) since they may make modifications in response to ARCs feedback or discovery of typescript or document flaws. When a famous reader or writer provides an endorsement, the book cover and other advertising materials may include the endorsement.

Self-Publishing VS. Traditional Publishing: Which is Better?

Congratulations on writing your book!

However, as the first ecstasy subsides, many writers are confronted with the ominous question: What now? You want to share your book but aren’t sure how to do it. Is it worthwhile to pursue a deal with traditional publishing or self-publishing is the preferable route?