How to Pull off Writing Enemies To Lovers

Everyone enjoys the classic trope of enemies-to-lovers, but nobody discusses how difficult it is to pull off in one’s own writing. 

Writing stories about enemies-to-lovers is difficult, but not impossible. To make it work, you must develop believable characters with genuine chemistry and tension. This guide will provide you with all the information you need to write compelling enemies-to-lovers stories.


Start by establishing a compelling and dynamic conflict.

Without compelling conflict, a story centered on two antagonists cannot succeed. To achieve this, you must establish a plausible explanation for why the characters dislike each other immediately and why their argument continues to escalate. Consider it as setting the stage for their journey towards romance; you must convince the audience that love has triumphed against all odds. 


Determine what your characters disagree about, then expand on that disagreement. Create scenes filled with tension and emotion and ensure that your characters consistently challenge each other’s values and beliefs throughout the entirety of the narrative.


Incorporate tension and complications into the narrative.

Once you’ve established the central conflict and the reason for your characters’ animosity, you must introduce tension to keep your story engaging. To create an engaging plot, allow their disagreements to develop and intensify over time, and ensure that there are many personal conflicts between them. Don’t forget to include complications; they must be able to resolve each other’s problems for the relationship to advance. Focus on allowing them to learn more about themselves through their interactions with others and by confronting their inner conflicts. Make sure your story’s climax is emotionally satisfying, and have your characters confront controversial issues head-on!


Create amusing and biting banter for your characters.

Even though your enemies-to-lovers relationship is likely to be quite intense, it should still include a dash of levity. Instead of using literal insults, use wordplay, sarcasm, and irony to make your characters’ interactions humorous and sophisticated. This will not only enliven their arguments but also add subtle nuances to their conversations that will further attract readers. In order for readers to see the potential for reconciliation between them, humorous moments should begin to appear more frequently prior to their eventual reunion.


Add unexpected turns to their relationship’s journey.

Unanticipated turns are a great way to keep readers on the edge of their seats. For example, what if the adversaries were once friends before their feud began? What if one of them divulges a surprising secret? Even a minor twist like this can be enough to keep readers engaged until the very end and deepen their understanding of the relationship between your characters. Don’t be afraid to throw in some unexpected twists so that your audience never knows what’s coming next.


Ensure that both characters have a development arc that culminates in love.

Even though it might be tempting to focus on plot and action, you need to make sure that your characters change and grow if you want readers to believe in your romance. Demonstrating how each character evolves over the course of the story, shedding inaccurate preconceptions of the other and becoming more receptive to understanding one another, will help ensure that your relationship does not appear superficial or rushed. Readers will root for the couple’s success even more if they are able to observe how these two individuals come to care for one another.


Writing a love story between two antagonists can be a challenging yet rewarding endeavor. Making a romance believable and captivating requires imagination. In addition, research must be conducted to ensure that the interactions between characters are accurate and plausible. In the end, becoming immersed in a story about love that transcends boundaries can be gratifying for readers. With careful planning and execution, authors can create a thrilling and romantic story about two people who were once adversaries.

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