In the Limelight: The New York Book Review Showcases Dr. Ron Pleune’s Literary Exposé

In their quest for truth, both The New York Times and Dr. Ron Pleune share a common purpose. Thus, it’s no wonder that The New York Times Book Review has taken note of Dr. Pleune’s thought-provoking works. In its February 25, 2024 issue, three of Dr. Pleune’s books have found their place within its pages. 


“The Chariots Flew Then and Still Do Today!” presents a groundbreaking exploration, delving into both scientific events and the discrepancies within biblical narratives. Offering an extraterrestrial perspective, it challenges conventional interpretations of historical records.

“God… the Grand Illusion” fearlessly confronts entrenched beliefs, unveiling a stark revelation through the lens of factual evidence and ancient findings. This work bravely dismantles the divine pedestal upon which our beliefs have long rested.

“God, The Grandest Illusion” compellingly and logically examines the origins of deity and religious constructs. Meticulous analysis exposes the intricate web of belief systems, offering clarity amidst the fog of myth and tradition. 


Dr. Ron Pleune, a distinguished scholar from Grand Rapids, Michigan, boasts a robust academic background, including a bachelor’s degree from Aquinas College and graduate degrees in Christian education and apologetics from Bethany Divinity Seminary.

His fascination with UFOs sparked in 1974 with a captivating sighting in his backyard, driving him to become a recognized authority in the field. In 2015, he delved into Billy Meier’s Plejaren encounters, leading him to leave Christianity in 2016 to focus solely on his research.

Dr. Pleune’s dedication is evident in his numerous successful UFO summoning sessions, totaling over 300 sightings of various ships. This passion culminated in the establishment of West Michigan UFO Scholars, emphasizing Meier’s teachings and related texts. 

At 20/20 Literary Group, we are thrilled and honored by this recognition for Dr. Ron Pleune and his literary achievements. We deeply appreciate his ongoing trust in us with his book. Our dedication remains steadfast in delivering his narrative to the world, with the earnest aspiration that readers will embark on their quest for truth with Dr. Pleune’s books as their starting point.

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