The US Review of Books Recommends God…the Grand Illusion by Dr. Ron Pleune

“In brief, there is no question of the reality of UFOs. 

But there still is the question of how they fit into Biblical History.”

Book Reviewer Barbara Bamberger Scott gets astonished with Dr. Ron Pleune’s views in his narrative “God…the Grand Illusion: A Study and Guide of authentic facts regarding the extraterrestrial influence and Hebrew acceptance in creating … God and how to live in Peace without a God”

Barbara gives an overview of her understanding of Dr. Ron Pleune’s Book and shares the studies and inspiration that urged the author to create such a well-researched piece. 

Barbara stated that: 

“Author Pleune has painstakingly amassed evidence and support for what he considers the reality of a connection between unidentified flying objects (UFOs) and the false notion of a creator god as depicted in Jewish-Christian biblical lore and generally accepted earth history. In support of his far-reaching thesis, Pleune refers often and with sincere conviction to the discoveries of Eduard Albert “Billy” Meier, a Swiss thinker who asserts that UFOs are the true basis of earthly history, population, and specific human characteristics developed over centuries. Meier, considered by some as a master of ufology, recounts witnessing UFO activity in the heavens and also uniquely recalls his personal contact and conversation with certain UFO entities, the Plejaren.”

Read the full review here: God…the Grand Illusion by Dr. Ron Pleune

Her insight provides us a glimpse of the author’s thesis on the UFO’s or also known as the Unidentified Flying Objects, a topic that piqued the interest not only of the scientist but even some people in their homes. Unidentified things both are a worry and a wonder in our universe and that is one of the reasons why we have people like Author Ron Pleune that digs deep on these mysteries. 

Pleune’s topics hold the possibility for greater human growth and understanding, and readers drawn to these possibilities may want to share their newly gained insight with others—undoubtedly the author’s intention in revealing his personal comprehension of universal realities.

This book review gives us all a great insight in what to expect when we read the author’s thesis. These are not just simple words or opinions compiled in one book but valuable information that readers should look forward to. 

20/20 Literary Group is amazed by Dr. Ron Pleune’s achievements, and we wish for him to keep being successful and sharing his impactful narratives to the world. We are beyond grateful for his trust in us with his book and hopefully we can work with him more in the future. We wish for his success and for the people of the world to find his book and find value in the words he wrote in it. 

Readers and Enthusiast of outworldly mysteries will find this book a valuable read and a great material for the research of UFOs and Ufology. 

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