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Justin’s Quest: Homeward Path


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Justin learns the true consequences of the actions of the Gillenium Council, with loss of his friends, family, and girlfriend, Nicole. He must make the ultimate sacrifice to save his world, now with a ragtag group of heroes, to stop the Gillenium Council from gaining galactic domination. Will he be able to make the right choice? Will he be able to save Mars? Who will save him, from himself?

I was born in Nevada and adopted by my loving family. Raised in Las Vegas, I took an interest in sci-fi and fantasy, like the works of Douglas Adams, Frank Herbert, and Philip K. Dick. I’m fascinated by the study of herbs and have started an apothecary. I enjoy learning about robotics, as my parents told me to “make new friends,” though it took me a while to realize they didn’t mean it literally. I play fantasy role-playing games, oftentimes being the narrator and creating my own worlds and stories.


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