Rich Descriptions Plus Well-Written Characters

Vampire tales have recently enjoyed a resurgence of interest from long-time and brand new readers of the genre. J.M. Valente’s Blood Passion will give fans of the genre a new, engaging and griping tale to enjoy. Valente fills his pages with rich descriptions of the events, characters and places that serve to place readers in the action. The action is fast-paced and moves the plot along, so readers will have trouble finding a spot to stop and set the book aside. Valente’s strongest talent lies in his ability to create believable characters. Vampire tales often are filled with characters that do not have enough substance to allow a readers to connect to them. The character of Michael Valli is particularly one that readers will come to love despite his alter-ego Malice. The juxtaposition of the two characters in one will remind readers of a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde scenario. At the end of the book, Valente will have readers so engrossed that they will be disappointed to reach the end of the tale.

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