20/20 Literary Group: Your Path to Literary Success

In the world of publishing, finding the right team can be the key to turning your literary dreams into reality. Sheryl Shakespeare, author of “Craving for Closeness,” shares her experience with 20/20 Literary Group, a dedicated team that includes a literary agent and the creative minds behind her book cover. Let’s dive into her heartfelt testimonial.


20/20 Literary Group: Committed Literary Agents


The 20/20 Literary Group has become more than just a professional contact; they are like my favorite ringtone, always there when you need them! As literary agents, they are not just committed; they are unwaveringly dedicated to Christian writers like me. What sets 20/20 Literary Group apart is their promise-keeping. When they say they’ll call, they do, and for me, that speaks volumes about their character and professionalism.

20/20 Literary Group isn’t just doing a job; they are living their passion. Their enthusiasm for their careers shines through in every interaction we’ve had. Currently, they are diligently working on securing my first signed contract, and I have no doubt that they will succeed. Our future together looks incredibly bright, and I have 20/20 Literary Group to thank for that. Keep up the excellent work!


20/20 Literary Group: The Creative Geniuses Behind My Book Cover


The 20/20 Literary Group did an absolutely phenomenal job with the end product of my book—the cover. It’s incredible to think that my literary agent, 20/20 Literary Group, had only conceptualized it, and the team brought it to life flawlessly.

What sets 20/20 Literary Group apart is their commitment and their remarkable sense of professionalism and urgency. They understand the importance of a book cover as the face of the story and have the creative vision to make it stand out. 20/20 Literary Group, your dedication to your craft is truly a treasure, and I’m grateful for the exceptional work you’ve done. Keep up the good work!

Sheryl Shakespeare’s testimonial beautifully captures the essence of collaboration and dedication in the literary world. It’s a testament to the transformative power of working with professionals like 20/20 Literary Group, who turn dreams into published realities.

If you’re an aspiring author, remember that the right team can make all the difference. Just like Sheryl, you can find dedicated individuals who are committed to your literary success. Your literary dreams are closer than you think.

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