Discovering Hidden Gems: A Journey with Harold M. Myers

We are excited to share the heartwarming journey of one of our cherished authors, Harold M. Myers. At 20/20 Literary Group, our passion lies in uncovering hidden literary gems and providing the utmost support to talented writers like Harold. Let us take you through his remarkable experience with us.

For us at 20/20 Literary Group, every new writer is a potential treasure waiting to be unearthed. When we first came across Harold M. Myers, we were captivated by the essence of his work. Our initial contact marked the beginning of a fruitful partnership that would lead to realizing his dreams.

As an aspiring author, Harold knew the importance of having a comprehensive program to bring his literary vision to life. At 20/20 Literary Group, we pride ourselves on offering a complete array of services tailored to meet the needs of writers seeking publication and exposure. From crafting engaging cover designs to facilitating publication and everything beyond, we were determined to support Harold at every step of his creative journey.


Author Testimonial, Harold M. Myers


My relationship with 20/20 Literary Group has been good from the day they first contacted me.

They had a complete program from cover design to publication and beyond—services desired by all writers seeking publication and exposure.

I have successfully worked with Toni Cruz and James Alvarez as they helped me to have my book widely distributed through many channels. The novel will appear in book showcases attended by publishers, retailers, and libraries, to name a few.

With the help of Toni and James, the book is now being prepared in audio form, and a sales contract has been obtained for many copies. It would not have been possible without their industry knowledge and faith in my book.

I am now completing another novel, and it will be presented to 20/20 very soon.


At 20/20 Literary Group, we embrace innovation to amplify our authors’ reach. Harold’s book was successfully transformed into an engaging audio format. This step opened up exciting new avenues and opportunities for his work to reach even more eager ears.

We firmly believe that faith in our authors’ abilities and industry knowledge go hand in hand to achieve great success. Harold’s triumph is a testament to this belief. Our team’s unwavering faith in his book and extensive industry knowledge paved the way for a remarkable sales contract that promises to bring his work to countless readers.

As Harold M. Myers sets out to complete another novel, we are eager to receive his new masterpiece at 20/20 Literary Group. Our commitment to nurturing and showcasing talented writers like Harold remains steadfast, and we eagerly await the opportunity to take his recent work to greater heights.

Harold M. Myers’ journey with 20/20 Literary Group embodies what we stand for—a genuine passion for discovering exceptional talent and providing unwavering support every step. Our commitment to empowering authors to realize their literary dreams remains at the core of our values.

If you, too, have a story to tell or a manuscript that deserves to see the light of day, we welcome you to join our family of talented authors. At 20/20 Literary Group, we will be your partners, champions, and guides together. We embark on a journey to create literary magic.

Thank you, Harold M. Myers, for entrusting us with your vision. Your success is our joy; we look forward to the promising future. 

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