Linda Jane Niedfeldt’s Art and Treasure: Unlocking Literary Gold

As an author navigating the intricate pathways of publishing, finding a literary agency that not only believes in your work but also actively champions your creative vision is paramount. For L. J. Niedfeldt, the journey with 20/20 Literary Group has been nothing short of transformative.


Author of Gold

Linda Jane Niedfeldt is an author whose work delves into the lives of German Russian immigrants, particularly focusing on little Lisenka and her family as they navigate tumultuous times. Her latest book, “Gold,” set against the backdrop of the Great Depression, weaves together themes of hope, resilience, and the guiding hand of fate.


At 20/20 Literary Group, our dedication to supporting authors like Linda Niedfeldt is unwavering.


Linda’s words reflect the profound impact of our partnership:

“I appreciate the fine people of 20/20 who have worked hard to advance my book. Initially, Zach Kenner, my agent, put in the time to read the entire book and prepare a portfolio of it.”

At 20/20 Literary Group, we recognize the power of storytelling to inspire and uplift readers. Linda Niedfeldt’s latest book, “Gold—As October Sunsets, a Stray Dog, and God’s Good Plans,” embodies the resilience of the human spirit amidst adversity. Through our collaborative efforts, we strive to ensure that Linda’s stories resonate with a wide audience, touching hearts and minds across the globe.


As we continue to champion the work of talented authors like Niedfeldt, our commitment to providing exceptional literary representation remains steadfast. We are honored to be part of Linda’s journey and grateful for the opportunity to play a role in her storytelling adventure.


“A big thank you to 20/20 for making all this happen,” expresses Linda Jane Niedfeldt.


Stay tuned for more updates and testimonials from our esteemed authors at 20/20 Literary Group. We look forward to sharing their inspiring journeys with you.


Thank you, Linda, for allowing us to be a part of your storytelling adventure.


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